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7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer

Meet a Professional Photographer...

See this beautiful woman.... her name is Rachael... Say "Hi!" to Rach everyone!

Rachael Turner | Photographer |

She's a very talented natural light portrait photographer based in Hillarys, Western Australia.

Being the first blog on this snazzy NEW SquareSpace Inspiring Mums® website, I wanted it to be special, to help others and to be one of gratitude & thanks to those who have helped shaped my path in life and business and indeed - motherhood.

Rachael is one of those AWESOME peeps! Toot Toot!

Not only is she responsible for the wonderful background photographs on this website, but she is responsible for ALL of the professional business portraits, maternity and family photographs as well!

I think you will see why I went back for more!

Check these out...

Guess what? Yep there's soooo many more photos like these I wanted to share with you, but I think you get the idea, she's very good at what she does! And to think, I met her 3 weeks after she landed on Australian shores from the UK with her little family at the local playgroup centre. We talked as we made crazy animals out of Playdoh!

Next thing you know, she shares with me her passion for photography and I gave her a bunch of books I had on photography and WHAMMO... she's out there work'n her magic and getting paid well for it!!

Check these babies out!...

7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Photographer

  1. Professionals pay professionals for professional work to get professional results. Just saying. Some people trade services of equal value, or gift for other benefits like promotions or examples of work which is OK as long as it is fair for all.
  2. Professionals will look at your professional photos and see someone who has influence, character, personality, charm, vibrance and is serious about their business, blog or brand.
  3. The Instagram selfie you took in the bathroom with the toilet seat up is not going to work, in fact most selfies won't work unless it is for a personal profile that you want to have a more relaxed appeal with friends. 
  4. The blurry photo at the recent BBQ is inappropriate and unprofessional.
  5. Profile and bio photos from 10 years ago need to go to the archive asap. You need to show people what you look like today.
    { Thankfully, these photos are within 5 years old and I still look like this see my Instagram profile but I will be getting new ones when the time is right. Hey, I've aged well... what can I say! :D }
  6. Professional business people will want to work with you, collaborate with you and see you as a person that they can trust to present themselves professionally in business and in life.
  7. It is part of your image and brand.

So, today it is time for YOU to TAKE ACTION! Make your image part of your brand, be proud, celebrate your life and show us who you are and what you do and how you do it!

Rachael's photography has captured way more than what I could have hoped for, I'm not the only one too, check out other families relishing in beautiful memories captured for a lifetime!


Book Rachael Turner Photography today!

PS: She's a AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer - Trained, educated and skilled as a Professional Photographer... So you KNOW you are getting the best of the BEST! If you can't get Rach, make sure you ask your photographer if they are AIPP Accredited! :D

PSS: Make sure you come back and comment below and share with us your new photos and memories!

... and this is an example of how Rachael's photos work with my brand, pretty snazzy!!!

... and this is an example of how Rachael's photos work with my brand, pretty snazzy!!!