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{ Kids } Do you have a mental connection with your kids?

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Hey Mums, hope you are having a great day!

Bam Bam, Roxy and I were out at my daughters school for an athletics event, fun fun fun... lol couldn't even see her with all the colours and kids and hats on in the distance on the field. Oh and Bam Bam was either running off or rolling around in the mud and dirt and it also looked like rain! But that's what we do us mums, we do what we have to do for our kids, rain, hail or shine!

To be honest, I wasn't feeling crash hot today, when we got home, I tried to have a little rest, not a sleep just a cuddle up on the lounge with Bam Bam and Roxy. 

While I was sitting there, I was thinking about something curious that happened yesterday and I wanted to ask you if you have experienced the same thing with your kids.

So here's what happened...

Yesterday afternoon, we popped over to the in-laws, who have just returned from the UK, to say hi etc. Hubby's gran just turned 100 so they had a special party for her with a letter from the Queen and all that, it was a nice catch up. 

While we were there we played some games, we often play little games, drawing or Lego and so on. This one game Jaz suggested was Guess what the picture is! She drew a picture on a piece of bright coloured paper and asked us what it is. So basically, we just had to guess without knowing what she drew, like it could be A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.....! LOL! The instructions on guessing were a bit slack so we said ok how about we ask some questions. 

So I went first and said: "Is it an animal?"

Jaz said "Yes!"

My next question was: "Is it a Spider"

Jaz said "YES!"

Firstly, a spider isn't officially an animal but I didn't say that to her ;) - that's not the point of this post though... the point is how the hell did I know to think of a spider - specifically??? With only 2 questions, one being fairly invalid anyway, how did I come up with the actual answer? To be honest with you, I can't really explain it myself other than it was the first thing that came to my mind. I couldn't see through the paper and I didn't see what she had drawn, as I wasn't watching her.

I find this very fascinating! Don't you?

My daughter calls it my "Magic Brain". :) Which I quite like actually. I think most of us have a special way of connecting mentally with our family relatives. What happened yesterday, gives me even more reason to believe that we all have some kind of mental connection with our kids.

Sometimes I feel I have a great connection with Jaz, other times I feel like I'm beating my head against a bloody brick wall! LOL Mind you, having a "Magic Brain" as she calls it, has served me very well in life and in business. My thought is that it's part intuition, part perception, part knowing and part natural motherhood instincts.

I just find it incredible and I am going to work more on connecting with others in this way.

So, my question to YOU is... do You have a special mental connection with any of your kids? If you do, I'd love to hear from you and what you have experienced, I'm sure it will help other mothers build a special connection with their kids too :)

Love to hear your stories and experiences too, share away in the comments below, don't leave me hangin as my daughter would say :)

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