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{ Family } Christmas Fever...

Tis The Season To Be Jolly.. Right?

We've all got the Christmas Fever over here at the IM Mothership, but Bam Bam moreso...he woke up with a fever on Christmas Eve... don't you just love that? LOL said no mum ever! It is what it is, he seems ok now :) I also have the snuffles, but no rest for me!

So, it's all happy happy joy joy for me today, running around after Mr Snotty, stopping Roxy from eating the Christmas presents under the tree and getting a shed load of washing done so we can enjoy the next few days of festivities! At least the sun is shining to dry my washing! Simple things make me happy!

I do love this time of year, especially for the kids, even when we struggled to have enough money to buy anything at all, I still have the Christmas Fever for fun and happiness. For me it's not all about the presents about the silly fun we have with family.

My inlaws are quite fun, every year we do quirky presents, like moustaches or crazy glasses with noses etc., this year we have masks, can't wait to show you. It's just a bit of fun.

Family is everything...

We just had a wonderful pre-Christmas visit from one of my sisters with her little family for a few days. It has been about a year since we have seen them and we simply hang out, we didn't do the tourist thing and take them everywhere, we just relaxed by the pool, had a BBQ, went to the beach, chilled out and did a little shopping. 

While my sister and her Hubby took a drive to look at property for a few hours, the kids and I got creative and painted rocks for our each of our family members with their names on them. We coloured in masks, took Roxy for a walk to the local park and played in the yard. Sometimes I think we get more quality time with our family living further away!

The BEST Christmas present I've ever had! Big thanks to my sister for coming down and I am sooooooo excited to be now organising our holiday to BALI in May with my sister and her family! That probably wouldn't have happened if she didn't come down! YAY! We soo need a holiday!

It has been a tough year for my family, my dad in particular, he's struggling with his mental health and my siblings have been doing well to keep him on track with the doctors and visits, but it's very hard. It's even harder when you have your own challenges or are hundreds of kilometres away and your own family to care for. My dad is grown man and my hope is that he does what the doctors say and come and see us very soon.


Very EXCITED to share this wonderful news a day before Christmas we FINALLY have a decision made about my Hubby's work future.... *drum roll pleasssse* HE GOT A PROMOTION TODAY! TOOT TOOT!

OMG we have waiting YEARS for this promotion and finally it has be set in stone! He is now a DM3 (Department Manager) at Australia Post, this is a much higher salary and role as he has been acting DM2 for YEARS! It couldn't have come at a better time for us and gives him the confidence in his job and stability for the future! So proud of him!

What Christmas Eve looks like for us today...

Today we will be hanging out at home, washing, cleaning, wrapping presents and looking after Bam Bam. 

Tomorrow, Christmas day we will be at home in the morning doing presents like many families, then head over to the inlaws for more presents and Christmas lunch!

I feel so blessed to be able to share this news and our journey with you all, thanks for being here!

Have a wonderful and happy Christmas to you and your family!

Stay tuned for our Inspiring Mums 2014 year in review blog coming before the new year!

Xx Heather