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{ Life } 2014 Inspiring Year In Review

2014 Inspiring Mums® Year In Review

This is a highlight of the fun things to do with kids in Melbourne.

Oh What Fun We Had!

  • The Enchanted Maze Garden
  • Exhibiting Artist for Animal Art Studio At Eastland Shopping Centre
  • Inside The Brick: Lego Exhibition
  • Dinosaur Adventures At Eastland Shopping Centre
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Sovereign Hill
  • Strike Bowling
  • Alfred Nicholas Gardens
  • Myuna Farm
  • Sand Castles in Frankston
  • Looming At Eastland Shopping Centre
  • Mornington Railway Steam Train Ride
  • Eltham Miniature Railway
  • Lego Exhibition & Movie at Watergardens Shopping Centre
  • Santa's Magical Kingdom
  • Gravity Zone
  • Silly Seahorse Playcentre
  • Lollipops Playcentre
  • Watched many great movies at the cinema
  • Cranbourne Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Went to many beaches along the Mornington Peninsula
  • Bloggers Brunches

Gosh! I know there's more to this list, I'm sure of it! :) either way, I think we have covered a lot of fun this year, loads of great family fun places to visit in Melbourne. 2015 is already looking like an even BETTER year of fun with our kids!

New Addition To The Inspiring Family

Earlier in the year we named and picked up our little ROXY from Beaglyn Kennels Australia, in Ringwood. She has been a great addition to the Inspiring Family, a character and certainly, while she was a puppy, very challenging. We have lost shoes, bras, knickers, toys and all sorts of things to the teeth of our little Roxy, she is no less loved and cherished. She is a very active and strong little Beagle and I am so so happy we got her from a reputable source who really cares about her welfare. She graces the lens of my camera daily! Thanks Meagan!

Other Inspiring Highlights...

I turned 40 and I finally got the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master I wanted! So far so good, sharing my recipes and experiments over at the COOK IT! section of our blog site. So far made a cake, bread, smoothies, risotto and a savoury mince dish which have all been great. BUT, I tried to make ice cream, big fail there for me, will try again another time, I curdled it!!  

Oh and my sister and her family came to visit in December which was AWESOME! I haven't seen her in over a year, so it was much needed sister time that's for sure!

DIY & Renovation Projects

We managed to get some DIY projects happening at the IM Mothership, with Bam Bam's room being given a little clean up and love with a new feature wall and shelving. I still have more to do but we are getting there.

We were given a new bathroom renovation by my Hubby's parents. It took a few more weeks than expected, not without it's problems, but we got there in the end, with a great result. We are very grateful for the gift and improvement to our lives and home.

We also started the internal ceiling in the "Dream Room" project, but that's a much bigger project which now houses our gym equipment and toys, just while we save the money to do the bulk of what we need. Seems neverending though, we need so many things for the house, but it will come.

I also got loads of decluttering done this year around the house as well, which I am very happy with!

It was a great year for the kids learning too!


Jazmin had a good year at school in 2nd grade. She started off a little slow but got there in the end. I am soooooo happy with her final year report card! She is excelling especially in art, she has surpassed her expected levels which makes me so proud. Now, if only she could apply it to english, writing and maths! Hey, she's a creative, like me, I see so much of myself in her it's unbelievable!

Bam Bam had a mixed year of two childcare locations, but has also thrived into a funny little boy. He is very much his mumma's boy but has done better with his toilet training being in care. He's only there 3 days a week and for the busy boy he is, he really needs it. I need it too! LOL I'm studying now, so 3 days is good, the other 2 days, we hang out and rest up :) 

We did have a few early challenges with the toilet training, playing what I call "PooDoh" for one! LOL not happy with THAT I can tell you! What the heck is it with kids playing with their poop! He was a bit gross with it, so I will spare you the deets, seriously glad that stage is nearly over! We are still in night nappies, but day times we are nappy free, with a few accidents, that mostly happen when he is playing and doesn't want to tell me or go to the loo on his own. Other times he goes and it sounds like a man going to the loo! Oh and don't get me started on the poop that blocks the toilet up! How does that happen? He barely eats! hehe

Art, Blogging, Business = My Therapy!

I also cranked up my blogging, which has been dismal over the years I will admit, moving from WordPress to SquareSpace and while I am still trying to improve the traffic here, it is going up everyday, so I am happy with that at least. Love to see more comments and likes here but they will come the more I do and the more relaxed I am with the processes :) Thanks for being here!

I also started Smile & Shine® Quotes and Inspiring Quotes Facebook pages, which are going well, especially Smile & Shine with nearly 16K fans, now to convert them into customers. I managed to get a pack of cards printed with my designs on them and excited about the next steps to get them out to the mainstream. It's coming together nicely and at the pace I can manage. I'm about to set up a new set of designs for everyday greetings and occasions, so excited!

What the Inspiring family is up to in 2015!

Hubby got a promotion!

Yes! We are excited too! More money, car, fuel, tolls, rego, insurance expenses all paid and only 10 minutes further away by car, straight up the freeway! A great way to end the year for this long awaited and well deserved promotion! He's the boss man now exciting times that's for sure. This means, we can sell our second car, put the money into a high interest term deposit to gain interest just in case he gets moved on, loses the car and we have to buy another car again. Gotta have a back up plan! Oh the money we will save on car insurance and rego alone, servicing, tyres, fuel, everything...such a relief!

We're going on a holiday!

Drumroll please.... WE'RE GOING TO BALI!! Toot Toot!!!

So darn excited, flights and accommodation is all sorted AND best of all, we are meeting my sister and her family there too! I can't wait! We haven't been overseas since our honeymoon in 2004, that's 11 years ago! Both our passports have expired that's how long it has been hehe now that reminds me.. pick up the passport forms today, it's a few months away, but best be prepared!

It's sooo strange, over the last year I have had numerous dreams about my passport or passports, travelling and going away on holiday. I hope this is a good thing!

I started studying and another business!

As you may have already seen, later 2014 I started a Diploma in Interior Design and my own business to start in early 2015. I want to finish the course first before I work with clients, so time is of the essence! I have 12 assignments and books to read, but having aced my first one 100%, I'm fired up and ready for the rest! Mind you, I haven't done any study for a month while the kids have been home :( But I am excited to have launched the brand, Website and Facebook page for "Inspiring Interior Design" and have already started blogging and connecting with others on Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram! Gotta love social media!

Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Remark Marketing and KidsBusiness for helping us have so much fun this year with unique invitations to key openings and launches of products and events. We just wouldn't have had as much fun this year without all of the wonderful experiences we shared. I have to say my highlight of the year was being an exhibiting artist for the Animal Art Studio at the Eastland Shopping Centre in April. I love the project, being featured in the newspaper, meeting families and sharing drawing art time with them on my visits back to the centre during the exhibition.

We look forward to many more opportunities to share with other families and what they can do or have to make their lives, happy, better, easier and more fun!

So look out 2015! The Inspiring family is after you! :)

Thanks for sharing 2014 with us, we've enjoyed the ride and I hope you have too! May 2015 bring you joy, happiness, abundance and successes in everything from personal to work life!

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Have a great day! Mwah

x Heather

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