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{ Life } How Do You Smile When The World Is Hurting?

How Do You Smile When The World Is Hurting?

Everyday, we turn on the TV, Radio or Internet and see tragic world events, as they happen or the aftermath. This week was no different. I can honestly say that I am numb with sadness, confusion, disbelief and anxiousness with waking up on Monday morning to watch the Lindt Cafe siege happening LIVE before my eyes. While I didn't want to see it, I did want to see the hostages escape or be freed safely into the arms of police and family. Thankfully, some did, but to wake the next morning to hear that 2 hostages were dead with several injured just shocked me.

In my head I was saying "But this is Australia!" I do realise however, this CAN and DOES (obviously) occur ANYWHERE in the world, we in Australia are not excluded from the bad people of the world. It simply brings it closer to home that you'd want it to be.

I have many friends and my eldest brother who work in Sydney City and having worked there for many years and Sydney being my home town, feels close to me. The nights I would spend partying with my friends through my 20's, the lunch breaks I would spend walking around the shops in Martin Place, the photographs I have taken of the GPO even, just feels like a place with fond memories now tainted by the recent tragic events.

But Australia comes together and bounces back even stronger after events of this kind. We hope there will never be another terrorist or politically aligned attack on our community again, but the reality is, in this day and age, it could happen and it has this week.

My sincere love and condolences to those families now grieving, may they have all of the support and love they need to travel the journey of grief, peace and forgiveness.

If you haven't seen the latest video about the Lindt Cafe siege, I have linked up the video below to bring you up to speed. It's bittersweet news, families of the victims now have their loved ones to rest in peace over the weekend. 

Then, while I was on the phone with my insurance company, updating myself with my friends news on Facebook, I see the horrifying news of the eldest brother of a family found all eight of his siblings murdered and a woman injured in a home in Cairns at lunchtime today. I was in such shock that I had read the breaking news to the YOUI claims manager on the phone because I was just stopped in my tracks. That is 8 children aged between 18 months and 15 years old, in one family, 6 days before Christmas.... there are just no words.... just no words....

I have posted the video below to update you. I am not big on TV, the news and the negativity this is displaying in what is happening in the world, but I am a realist, it happens, this is related to families, to mothers, to children the core and basis of our community. If we are not able to show the impact that events like this can create in a negative or even a positive way, what can we do. So I do share these very very sad, distressing even, tragic news events because I would like each of you to turn around right now and hug those you love and tell them. Appreciate what you have, enjoy what you have and make the most of every precious moment.

On Monday...

Lindt Cafe 16 hour siege ends with the death of two of the hostages and the gunman


Eight siblings found dead by eldest brother in home stabbing tragedy

7News Brisbane December 19, 2014, 4:28 pm

So the question today is, how do you smile when the world is hurting? Well, it's not easy, but I think it is important to do stop, acknowledge, show empathy, compassion and respect those who have been impacted, injured or worse, killed. This is why I took some time away from being online for a few days. I went to the city, took some photos which is a great creative therapy to redirect emotions and stress triggers and anxiety. It's a way I managed to focus on my surroundings without looking or feeling anxious in the city, especially as I walked past the Lindt Cafe in Melbourne.

I felt that by posting my life's diary of events, whilst they are about 'gratitude' for everything I have and do in my life, I wanted to show my respect and consider those feeling numb as I was and still am. I didn't know those people involved, but as an Aussie and a Mum with a family, I feel for them. It's just how I felt I needed to handle my feelings and what I felt was appropriate to do at the time.

Hey mums, on Tuesday I said I would not post for the day, in respect for those injured and killed in the Lindt Cafe attack on Monday. I ventured to the city in Melbourne and was ever so vigilant, especially walking by the Lindt Cafe on my way to a meeting. I didn't stop because I literally walked past the news cameras rolling and just felt too much was going on. I had a wonderful meeting to discuss the outcomes of a leadership profile I did with Helen from Integrity and Values. The outcomes were mostly impressive and some areas I really need to work more on if I wantvto realise my vision in business with Inspiring Interior Design. The positive outcome of the profile was that I clearly possess leadership qualities at the high end, which for many who know me, know that's a no brainer! :) I kinda dig that a lot and feel very proud of it too, it's something I feel is a natural part of me. What surprised me the most was the improvements I need to make in 'Self Awareness', which I thought was on track, but nope! The other take away was the 'Ability to Listen'... I knew this would be something that would come up and it's ok, everything is possible to improve :) So, I took the last two days to reflect on these results and my next steps to take. Oh and not to mention all the school wrap up events and being Santa's lil helper wrapping pressies - full on! Anyhoo, hope you like these images of my day in the city, I wanted to capture my surroundings in patterns, symbols and places :) I like photography even if it's with my little phone. Time to make dinner for tha troops :) xx H

A photo posted by Heather James Inspiring Mums® (@inspiringmums) on

We are now getting back into the normal routine, now that school has ended for the year until 2 February 2015, we have 2 months life to enjoy as a family together and after this weeks events I am going to make sure we embrace and enjoy it, without guilt that the world may hurt sometimes.

Having some time to reflect has been nice, no distracting Facebook updates to get involved in, whilst I love it and crave it, it can be addictive! So I have been Suzie Homemaker, preparing our home for visitors this weekend, MY SISTER and her family are coming to have preChristmas with us! We haven't seen them in a year!

This meant that we had to get a new rug, OMG, after a year of toilet training a 3 year old and a puppy and with it being mostly black, it was filthy, not even a high pressure hose was going to be any good to clean it.

Here we are with a cheap seamed offcut of carpet and the family love it. I also have a few new plants and in the process of getting all the washing done. The Christmas shopping is now finally done and dusted, bills paid and groceries done for the fortnight.

Again, how do you smile in light of the tragic events of the week, month, year... in the world or in your own life, well it's within you. Practice forgiveness. Be kind to yourself. Observe and be compassionate, but not at the overriding expense of your own wellbeing and happiness. It's about balance and understanding and knowing when to pick back up and move forward.

I know it can be difficult, because you are probably feeling quite vulnerable, sensitive and anxious, which is all perfectly normal and natural to feel in light of recent events close to home. Remember to talk to others about how you feel, stay in contact with those you trust and love the most, know it is ok to smile, laugh and enjoy YOUR LIFE because it is exactly that. It is sad that others have suffered, but they wouldn't want others to suffer for their loss.

That's how I believe you can smile when the world is hurting.

Enjoy your life,
for you have only one.

It's now time to pick up the pieces and move on and we will smile again.

x Heather