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{ Life } When Things Go Bad, Where Does An Inspiring Mum Go?

Inspiring Mums have bad days too...


So where do I go to when I have a bad day?

Good question, usually turn to my online community of mums on Facebook, they always have something positive to say to pep me up (and vice versa!) 

Although, they are a busy lot of mummies and we're now heading into a very busy time of the year, Christmas and I'm not one to complain about life too often and burden others. I have a rant and vent like anyone now and then, but I keep them very few and far between!

I have bad days too and today, my friends, has been a shocker :( 

Spent most of the morning chasing a good sum of money that was spent to me, but to a wrong account. It's not so much the need for it, but the fact it has gone "missing" and no one but ME was chasing it up. It's always the way, those that care will go to the ends of the earth for the answer! 

I guess most of all, I am glad I chased it up, because no one else was! It was like, it's going to be ok, it was sent the other day. Something just didn't sit right with me, my gut told me there was a problem, and there was. Just goes to show, you can't leave things for others to sort out sometimes! Argh so annoyed! I trusted my gut instinct - again!

Anyway, it is what it is, we were given a solution and I am sitting with bated breath for the result to come through. Now looks like the solution didn't come through either! :(

Not Happy, Jan!

There's a part of me that thinks "So if you are so 'Inspiring' then nothing is an issue to you! You always Smile & Shine!".

Well, not really! LOL for me being real and inspiring is about being authentic about how I feel. No one is inspiring if they can't see that it's a natural part of life to experience; anger, hurt, pain, sadness, happiness, love and overwhelm... I have experienced all of these in one day! LOL

Sometimes I reach out for friends who are in a similar role to me. I'd say my hubby but sometimes he just doesn't get it. You know? Gotta love him to bits, but sometimes it's harder than it needs to be.

Sometimes I feel quite alone in my little world.

Sometimes I feel like a burden.

Sometimes I feel selfish for doing the things I do.

Sometimes I feel I don't contribute enough.

But then I think...

I'm NOT alone, I have family, friends, and a wonderful community.

I'm NOT a burden because those around me love me and will help me when I need it.

I'm NOT selfish, I may get a little distracted in my inspirations, but I always think about how, what I do will benefit my loved ones.

I'm a great contributor to everything in the home, cooking, cleaning, kids, if I don't do it, then, it doesn't get done and this place would look like a pile of crap!

I guess when I think about it, where does an Inspiring Mum go when things go bad? I go INWARD. I look at what I am good at, how I benefit, what I can improve and where to go from here. I don't dwell, I ponder and move on.

So I guess today's events have given me a great reminder of all the good things I do and that things will and can work out and they do.

If you are feeling a bit like me today, a bit BLURGH, a bit sad and angry at people and things happening, go INWARD, look at the great things you do, look at the wonderful things in your life and I guess, it's all about GRATITUDE in the end and understanding your own self worth.

I am open to receive endless abundance and happiness.

While I pick up the pieces from today, which includes letting some people down, I will look at today as a learning lesson, as an example of positive intuition and reflect on how I can feel and manage myself on the next challenge I'm faced with.

Time to feed the troops, Bam Bam is asleep again, so looks like another long night for me, day keeps just getting better doesn't it? Where's the ice cream when you need it! hehe

Thanks for stopping by mums! Please don't forget to let me know you've been, favourite or leave a comment below!

x H

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