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{ Gifts } 15 Gift Ideas To Get A Teacher For Christmas 2014

Gift Ideas For A Teacher Christmas 2014


These are gift ideas from mums and teachers recently asked on a Facebook group of mums with school age kids.

I was stumped so I put a question out there and here is a list of 14 gift ideas that may help you find the right gift for a school teacher! We only got one gift idea that is on the NO list, maybe you could add to our NO list! 


  1. Homemade cookies
  2. Engraved Pen
  3. Movie Tickets
  4. Ornament for Tree or Garden
  5. Personalised Mini Triple Scented Soy Candles
  6. Gift Hamper
  7. Norwex gift pack with lip balm, hand cleaner & relaxation rescue gel.
  8. Whiteboard markers and pens
  9. Educational supplies - My Story Rocks
  10. A beautiful Scarf
  11. Scentsy pamper pack and a Scentsy warmer
  12. Cookies in a jar last year
  13. Shortbread and chocolate truffles
  14. Gift card, vouchers 
  15. An inspiring card with an image of your kid


  • MUGS or Coffee cups!

If you are still stuck for ideas, head down to Myer Giftorium in Melbourne as they have very unique and fantastic gift ideas for everyone! 

So this was the discussion from mums on Mornington Peninsula Mums Facebook group (private group) I have posed this with permission from the mums on this thread. I have used the photos and links to the suggestions below:

  • Rach - Homemade cookies  yummy and thoughtful. Plus the kids get a kick out of saying they made them. Better than my mum bought this for you...
  • Ashleigh - This is an order I did just yesterday for some lucky teachers. Mini Triple Scented Soy Candles in a box personalised with anything (I have quite a few cute designs though too). $8.50 each or I can do 2 for $15. or 
  • Tracey - I make up a hamper for the teacher. she is amazing.
  • Angie - Not mugs or coffee cups
  • Danielle - I'm giving my daughter's teacher a Norwex gift pack with lip balm, hand cleaner & relaxation rescue gel. Things she'll actually use Norwex have some great products that are perfect for teacher's gifts!  PM me if you'd like more info.
  • Melissa - Scarf Girl 
  • Rebecca - Kinder and prep
    My Story Rocks Educational Supplies
  • Ambs - Whiteboard markers and pens!!!! - from a teacher...Me!!!!
  • Shantelle - My kids teachers are getting a Scentsy pamper pack and also a Scentsy warmer (with a photo of their class this year).
  • Caroline - A nice Christmas decoration.
  • Megan - I make a batch of shortbread and chocolate truffles and pop them in beautiful boxes.
  • Carolyn - Gloria jeans coffee!
  • Amanda - Movie tix
  • Tegan - Engraved pen.
  • Lacinda - Made cookies in a jar last year, teachers loved them one made them christmas day with her older children and the other teacher baked them and gave us a cookie with a thank u note. Have also potted a succulent from our garden to our prep teacher who had a brand new house, she planted it by her kitchen and took a photo to show Immie & 3 years later she still lets her know how its growing lol!
  • Tracey - Hand cream, free stuff I get at events, gourmet jam etc
  • Johanna - I'm a teacher and my favorite is always a nice ornament for my tree. 
  • Katie - Same Johanna^^ or a little ornament that can go outside in my garden. 

What we ended up giving the Teacher...

We ended up asking the teacher as well and she asked my daughter to draw her something. We ended up with a lovely clear Christmas Bauble from RIOT arts & crafts store and poured paint inside and shook it, which gave it a nice marble effect, and wrote Merry Xmas love Jaz on it, with one of my Smile & Shine Quote greeting cards, she loved it.

Jaz has another one to give her, which will have just coloured lines and a picture of a My Little Pony (her favourite toys) and some glitter inside.

What's happening at the IM Mothership today?

Well, busy day today, finishing an assignment, some work and wrapping Chrissy pressies! Nothing super exciting I must say! But that's life, sometimes it's nice to just do the mundane, it makes the exciting stuff even more exciting!

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