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{ Mindset } What are your values in life?

Values and Integrity as a working Mother

Morning Mums!


Well, drop off is done, Roxy has had a walk, just made a cappuccino and doing some study before I head out again to watch a cool puppet show at creche with Bam Bam. I remember seeing this puppet show when Jaz was in creche and it was brilliant! They use neon colours and lights and darken the room for an awesome show. So can't wait to have a giggle with my little man today, take some time out for us together. :)

Wanted to give a shout out to my lovely friend Rarni - "The Wholesome Housewife" , her little bubba girl is in hospital struggling to breathe. Must be very difficult for everyone, but wanted to show my love and support and invite you to support her today, she's had a massive year with family and life.

Love you my friend, may you and Lola be home very soon xx mwah 

I can imagine there a quite a few of you going through life challenges right now. Please know that it will pass. Sometimes I think we go through these challenges to help us be grateful for everything we have in life, from the small to big things. If you are seeking inspiration, motivation, support and love know you have my hand and the hand of every Inspiring Mum here. It's likely at least ONE of us is going through or have been through what you are experiencing.

It's one thing to share an inspiring quote or two, but do you actually believe and live to it? If you shared something that said "Live your dreams" are you? If it said "don't let others walk through your mind with their dirty feet" do you still let them? 

My point is this...

You must believe and live what you are saying! Set the example, be reasonable for your life. Are you one minute complaining about how much money you don't have, then next minute overjoyed because you have the latest and greatest product that you chose to purchase?

Consider what your values are and live to that. Yesterday I committed to being somewhere for a complimentary coaching session in the city. While I was 100% focused and ready to go, the day just didn't work out as planned. The risk that it would impact significantly on my values, that is, to make me late or miss picking up the kids from school etc was very high, due to accidents on the road, road blocks etc. My values are that it is my job to make sure I drop off and pick up the kids on time 1st priority. It's not an excuse, it's a reason and a good enough one at that. I haven't missed out because I have rescheduled to next month. No big deal.

So my values and intentions are to look after family as priority, everything else is 2nd, 3rd, 4th... etc. This is what I say, this is what I share everyday and this is what I live. I live to what I say and I believe and live the quotes and inspiration I share. I want you to, too!

I'm a working mum, whether I work for myself or not and I strive everyday to ensure my values and integrity are not compromised by anyone, including myself. It keeps me accountable for my responsibilities. I also believe and live to the inspirational quotes and sayings I share. Do you? 

TIP: Be mindful of your thoughts, words and actions, ensure they are aligned to your values and integrity. Ensure they work for you and be consistent. You will notice a shift, a slight one, a big one or in between, but it will come when you align yourself purposefully. :)

Time for me to brush my hair, put some perfume on and head on down to the creche to have a laugh and cuddle with my boy.

Enjoy your day, hope to come back and get some study done! :)