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{ Life } Hello Beautiful...


Hello Beautiful!

Hey Mummas, as I mentioned on Facebook this morning, my daughter was off on a school excursion, so on her lunch plastic bag I thought I'd get creative and draw a picture of her (really really roughly.... let's call it kinda like an artistic impression of her). I just used some markers and quickly scribbled it on. I wasn't going for the Nobel Peace Prize ;P 

She was like:

"It doesn't even look like me muuumm!"

Hehe I see so much of my artist dad coming out in me! This is something he would do! LOL

So I come home to get some things before heading out again, only to find Roxy (our Beagle) had managed to get a bottle of SeaSol (which I neglectfully left on the BBQ!) spread across the back patio and laundry... eek the smell!!!! Took me an hour of mopping and cleaning the concrete, she even got it on her bed! Arrgh! So naughty.

So after a few wet clothes and pants changed with Bam Bam wetting himself with water and pee, we finally managed to get out of the house and up to Bunnings...

Honestly, I think we were in Bunnings for over an hour, just to get sand and pebbles! LOL Note to Bunnings, can you please remove the kiddy playground! hehe We ended up having a bit to eat and quick toilet run there for Bam Bam. 

So we went to Bunnings for sand for the kids sand pit, and managed to measure up some items for our laundry project which Hubby has no idea I am planning :) *insert evil naughty laugh*. He has no idea that I'm squirrelling away the money to cover the project into my personal bank account :)

I'm pleasantly surprised I can get a good FlatPax from Bunnings for around $1,500 bucks add to that floor and wall tiles repainting, new sink and maybe some plantation shutters, probably a $2500 job really but still that's actually pretty reasonable. All in good time, pays to plan ahead even if it might be a while away yet! We'll see.  But I'm going to do some comparisons with Ikea and Masters as well to make sure I get it at a good price. Can't wait! Oh and I want some new screening for the pool area, the one I put up last Summer is already falling apart. I have started an Interior Design Blog here so you can follow my Diploma in Interior Design assignments and future business plans....!! Toot Toot! Back on the GO TRAIN ladies! 

Next stop, Officeworks...

Hubby's Grandmother is turning 100 years old next month in the UK, so I had to get the invites designed and printed for his parents to take over on their trip shortly. Which really involved just chasing and yelling at Bam Bam to stop playing on all the furniture and hiding from me or running away... so maybe a not so uneventful day afterall!

FINALLY get out of there with a large design sketch pad, there's somethings you need pen and paper for you know. Got some double sided markers, a handbag sketchbook, and a cute multicoloured pen for my daughter. I think I have a shopping problem!

Note to self: must stop buying shit... hehe

So think, go home first or start to drive to school... ah drop off invites to mother in law... do that, Bam Bam sneaks some food and drink while I check out the photo book sister in law put together which was great. Off to get Jaz from school, sketch an interior design idea while in the car waiting in the queue, back to Nanny's to get Teddy, who I forgot to take when we left. Get home and put the new sand in the sand pit, flatten out, only for Roxy to dig up...water the patch of new grass I am's doing well I'm impressed with my green thumb and put the rocks down on the muddy spot so Bam Bam doesn't make mud pies and bring it into the house...ain't no one got time for that! ;)

Go inside and see Jaz crying, it appears Bam Bam has been in her room again and messed up her littlest pet shop play sets. I feel terrible because I didn't see him go in there :( It's ok mum's to the rescue...

"Want a choc chip ice cream cone baby? yeah come one mums fix you all up"

Of course she follows with a sniff and a smile. Phew.....! The mopes around for an hour afterwards LOL can't win!

Now making dinner.

I say unexciting at the start of this because, life and business/work/study is not all about events, fancy-schmancy gift giving notoriety... it's real life, dealing with wet knickers, poop, naughty dogs and everyday chores. Mondays are not my work or business days, it's my Me day or Bam Bam and Mummy day. We had a nice day out.

Tomorrow is going to be different, I will be studying, working on some client finalising projects and taking Roxy for a walk.

Beauty is you, beauty is life, beauty is in everyday things, even the boring or unexciting chores and events. Take the goodness out of it and give it a big hug. 

That's life. My life. I love it!

X Heather

PS: Stay tuned for tomorrow's Inspiring Daily...

"{ Beauty } Mirror Mirror... What a mirror can't show you..."