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{ Beauty } Mirror Mirror... What a mirror can't show you...

Are you like me?

Rapidly approaching 40 and when you look at yourself in the mirror you think...

"Who ARE you?"
"You are not ME!"
"Why are you aging so fast!"
"That freckle wasn't there last year"
"Where did that wrinkle come from!"

The self talk we have is really very destructive, but it seems natural to pick holes in what we look like when we look in the mirror, doesn't it?

But a mirror can't show you how beautiful you really are on the inside.
A mirror can't show you:

  • What a brilliant and inspiring mother you are!
  • The love and support you give to those around you.
  • The things you do for your family when they aren't watching or around.
  • The acts of kindness you do for others, without expectation or anything in return.
  • How hard you work to keep a roof over your head and food on the table.
  • What you have sacrificed to be where you are today.
  • The time and effort you have put into making sure your home is comfortable, safe and loving.
  • What a lovely friend you are!
  • What a talented person you are!
  • How intelligent you are!
  • How truly amazing you are!

YOU ARE AMAZING! Or AMAZEBALLS as my daughter would say!

I am worthy!
I am enough!
I am loved!
I am safe!

Never forget that. And.... the next time you look into that mirror of yours, shoosh your self talk and say out loud....

While the next you grab your wrinkle cream out and put it on thinking, 'I hope this cream works!' No matter what your self talk is make sure you turn all negatives into positives, because you want to look and feel your utmost best and it will help. I know that, because, I do too!

Age gracefully they say... pffft!

I have to admit, I do very much aim to slow down the aging process! I've used creams, keep hydrated, where sunscreen and a hat in the sun most of the time. But I love the sun too, I love to lay down on the sand or the grass and just bask in the warm weather. But then, I see a dark new freckle on my nose. I loathed it so much I scratched it to try to make it less obvious because I could see it on my nose. Then I thought to myself....

"What the hell has gotten into you!? Get a grip!"

Sad really.

Being on a tight budget doesn't help when you want the expensive creams, laser treatments, botox injections, or even, *gasp* plastic surgery! Going to the beauty salon these days is like investing in a small car! It's so expensive and it is repetitive and a little addictive. My good old dad says:

"What women do to their appearances, used car salesmen get put in jail for!" 

LOL, I know his jokes and phrases are really bad hehe

But he's right! All that spakfilla (as he would call it) and fakery, has us tied to perfection or the idea of it! I'm guilty of it too! I've been looking for ways to help me treat and prevent my aging process and improve my self talk about it at the same time! But despite trawling Infomercials checking out reviews on the DermaWand or other similar type products I've just become more sceptical and very disappointed. I know many mums out there who will still look for the product that will help to reduce their wrinkles no matter what, positive talk or not!!

So after being invited to the Homedics NEWA product launch, I thought 'this will be interesting another save me from my wrinkles product! Here we go!'

I was sceptical, at first, then I started to change my view. So I agreed to test the NEWA out for myself, I wanted to see if this product actually does what it says it does!

So what is the NEWA?

To the right here you can see a photo of the NEWA, it's a handheld product, that plugs into a power adapter. It comes with the Activator Gel and cute white carry pouch. It's lightweight, made of plastic, with 6 small metal heat strips on the section you apply to your face and neck.

NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System

NEWA Skin Rejuvenation System

What's it like to use?

It's a gentle heat and pain free too, it just feels like a facial massage. It doesn't make a sound either, just a small vibration when it's finished its 4 minutes for the section you have done.

Because it is lightweight and fits well in your hand it quite easy to hold and maneuver in the broad strokes needed to be done for each section of the face. Quite a pleasant experience actually, I do it while watching TV with my family of an evening, before I go to bed.

Where can you use it?

It's recommended to use the NEWA on your cheeks, jaw lines and under your chin. 

What are the key points about the NEWA and my view on them...

This is me having a trial at the product launch of NEWA. Thanks to the photographer for this shot!  Source  Nikita Tasi Mum. Blogger. Nutrition Body In Progress • Personal Training

This is me having a trial at the product launch of NEWA. Thanks to the photographer for this shot!

Source Nikita Tasi Mum. Blogger. Nutrition Body In Progress • Personal Training

  • Immediate lift and radiant look.
    • Yes I agree, I felt an immediate lift and firmness.
  • Up to 45% wrinkle reduction after 12 weeks treatment.
    • Can't say as yet on this as I have only used it for a week or so.
  • Long term results - Skin is lifted and tightened and wrinkles are visibly diminished 
    • Let's wait and see!
  • Easy to use.
    • Yes I agree.
  • uitable for all skin types on all areas of the face.
    • I can't speak for other skin types, but I didn't have any issues, I have an olive complexion. The product can be used in 2 sections of the face cheeks and jawline and the neck, it is recommended not to use it anywhere else.
  • Highest safety standards.
    • Yes. NEWA uses unique dual safety sensors that automatically stop delivery energy when necessary. This ensures that your treatment is performed safely and comfortably every time, and provides optimal protection for your skin. An in-built motion sensor monitors the circular motion of the treatment, and in-built temperature sensors act to prevent the NEWA from overheating. 

Showing the product, progress and results...

Stay tuned for my YouTube videos where I will be sharing with you what you get in the kit, how it is used and the benefits. 

I have a 4 week trial running and so far so good. I have taken some before photos and I will post the after photos. I have been using it on the left side of my face only for the trial.

Then continue for a further 8 weeks to really see the results of the product. 

Just tried out the NEWA on my cheek at the product launch, this is the "ACTIVATOR" gel left from the 4 minutes on my cheek, already feels firmer and smoother!

I'm simply going to show you what the product is, its features, how it works, my experience and results. I aim to provide helpful and trusted information to help you make an informed decision.

How does it actually work?

NEWA simply reactivates the natural collagen production in your skin, using 3DEEP technology, it requires the areas of the skin that has more skin and tissue. 3DEEP technology is used in therapeutic and skin rejuvenation treatments by doctors, including Plastic Surgeons like Christopher Inglefield M.D., BSc FRCS (Plast), who highly recommends the NEWA.

OK, I've seen enough where do I get it?

Hey mumma, I hear ya loud and clear! You want the goods and you want them STAT! If you don't want to wait for my trail and full review of the NEWA, visit in store at the Shavershop (Australia) or on their website and shop online today, or write to Santa and let him know what you want for Chrissy!

Stay tuned for my videos. Remember mums, age defying products, mirrors, make up, pills and the rest will make you feel good and they last as long as they last. But within You is beauty that can't be wrapped in a box with a ribbon on it. It can't be covered over and hidden or "fixed" by some magical cream or machine or person. What you have within you can't be seen in a mirror.

You could keep looking to find it on the outside and fix all of those imperfections, but when you decide to look within you, you will really feel and see your beauty on the outside Smile & Shine. Everything else is a bonus to enhance your beauty from the inside out!

That's all for this evening, hope you have enjoyed this blog today, I'm a day behind in my blogging, need to catch up!

Night thanks for stopping by!