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{ Life } You feel what I feel, thank you!


WOW! You guys are bloody AWESOME! So I woke up and do my usual get on Facebook to check out Inspiring Mums Page, in particular the Dinner time discussion we had last night. Gosh, just knowing I am not alone and vice versa, is such a relief and gives me the warm and fuzzies!

If you missed the post or aren't on Facebook, here is the post below for you to see all of the mums who are facing the same challenges, the responses are so great thank you everyone!!

Pre-warning this is a bit of a "Heatherism" :) on my passionate and inspiring soap box this morn! :) Hope you dig it!

So, today is a new day, got my big girl panties on, chin up and tits out as I say and ready to take on whatever is thrown at me! I may have a tanty from time to time, but I will always choose to Smile & Shine at the end of it all.

Despite the frustrations.

Despite the annoyances.

Despite the setbacks.

Despite the fussy eaters scrunched up faces...

I will prevail and learn and grow and be happy! That's my declaration for the day. Starting out this way will help me get through the day and my wish and hope is for YOU to do the same, since we are facing very similar daily challenges. 


No matter what is going on in the world; Ebola, wars, death, hunger, terrorism... ALWAYS look to my own life FIRST! It's NOT being selfish! Never ever feel GUILTY or ashamed what you feel in you own existence! I'm so tired, no I am so pissed off when people say things that are designed to make you feel guilty for discussing your immediate or long term life challenges. It's your life, LIFE IT the way you want! 

So my two-bobs worth is this; what goes on around you is exactly that... You have been given this life and there is only one life, it may be full of modern luxuries or what others in less affluent countries but it's your life!

This is what I do, I think of the people around the world who haven't been born into this type of modern life... and let me qualify this by saying modern to me is having a house, car, job, business, food, schooling, health, fitness, money... no matter what level your life is that, you could be renting, struggling at all of these, but you may have them all or some in your life, THAT to me is modern. People who don't have that kind of life, would kill for it. You have be given this life to live, don't abuse it, don't waste it, make the most of it, and really and truly ENJOY IT!

Enjoy your iPhone/iPad things

Enjoy your car

Enjoy your holidays

Enjoy home

Enjoy your food (with moderation of course)

Enjoy your relationships

Enjoy your work/business/study

Enjoy LIFE and really LIVE IT!

You have the opportunity to make your life what you want, to be upset about the little things if you feel it, own it! We are all human, we all feel, it shouldn't be belittled because someone else is doing it worse somewhere around the world. We all feel for them, we all feel as though we'd like to do something to help them. In our own way we will or do. But right now, if your daily challenge is getting your offspring to eat nutritious food then OWN IT, live it, feel it, express it, be part of it and be innovative in your way of approaching the next days ahead. Never feel bad for expressing how you feel about it. Bottling it up is 100 times worse, leading to stress, anxiety, depression, as the song says LET IT GO! :)

So this morning I just wanted to say THANK YOU, not just from Me but on behalf of all of the mothers around the world who feel the same challenges and frustrations especially at dinner times. Not only does it give us great relief knowing that you aren't over-reacting BUT you are there to hold their virtual hand, to share your ideas, to give support and lend an ear to a mum who's about to totally lose her shit at her kids for not eating the wonderful and YUMMY meal she has lovingly prepared for them. We all wait with bated breath for our children to say "This is Yummy Mummy" followed by a massive sigh of relief. But in reality, it's few and far between for many of us, and we all need to know we are not alone! So thank you for sharing your insights, experiences, challenges and tips it's a great help to so many of us!

On a side note, my darling Hubby means well offering more food other than what I have made, it's one of those tough discussions we are going to have to have together in order for me to share how it makes me feel when he does that. He may not understand how deflating it is for me and wasteful of good food (which is my big pet hate!) We will talk about it and hopefully find a common ground. Failing that, he can cook from now on! LOL :)

So I've got a few posts to do this week! Stay tuned for more! xx 

Chin Up Tits Out Ladies!
xx Heather