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{ Career } I needed a SIGN and this was IT!

This is how LIFE can change in a split second! Here's the NEWS!

So, I have some BLOODY EXCITING news, as of yesterday I am a Student of the Arts! YES! It's true! I am studying a Diploma in Interior Design at The Interior Design Institute! 

You may or may not know this but I have literally ZERO tertiary qualifications to be a graphic & web designer as I have been for the last um.... 15 + years! True Story! I am very proud of that to be perfectly honest with you. 

I failed miserably at school, despite studying like a demon! I didn't go to Uni, College or anything. I simply worked my little booty off on the job, teaching myself and making the most of everyday real life opportunities. I pursued what I wanted and I got it. At the peak of my design career I was on in excess of $78k per year with job offers for TV Producing & Art Direction in excess of $100k per year with one of the largest and well known banks in Australia. Not too shabby is it, for a gal from the south-west, non-tertiary educated, school failure! There is life after the end of high school exams. It is NOT the be all and end all. 

I recall, when I was about 18, finishing my last exam on my 18th birthday and thanking F*CK that was over. I sighed the BIGGEST sigh of relief I had ever had! I loathed school with a passion! I didn't get a good %, not even close to being able to even get into University even if I wanted to. At that time I wanted to be a Professional Underwater Photographer. At even at that age, I had already started putting in the hard yards by working from the age of 15 with a professional underwater cinematographer and photographer, travelling, scuba diving and even dabbling in modelling... don't laugh but this is me modelling scuba gear when I was about 15-16... I laugh now because it's so bad it's funny :) 

No one knew, including me, that I was setting up my life with opportunities galore... from this little adventure I created more... I want on to model for a brochure for an entire island in Micronesia, called Pohnpei! This followed a life of travelling and saving every dollar I earned from my daytime PA job to travel the world to Sri Lanka and trekking in South America on my own!!

Before I knew it I was an Intranet Web Developer for a global Telco designing and updating their Asia region intranet! Which launched me into my consistent design career, taking me out of Admin which I wanted! With no study! It still blows me away, even today.

So my design career and business naturally progressed into Life & Business Coaching now with Inspiring Mums®. But....yes there's a but, but a good but... ;) 

But... while coaching has given me many wonderful opportunities and experiences, it's not ringing my bell, that's because, the design side of me is screaming for action! This has only increased as we have been renovating our own home... a new bathroom, a new "Dream Room", landscaping and improving our property has sparked the fire in my belly to continue to design, but .... in a different way... Interior Design!

Having the experience in already being in business, gives me the confidence to set my Interior Design business up well and informed without further business consultation or advice. That is what the last 6 years has given me, and I am soooo so grateful for those experiences, good and bad.

I am able and qualified to set up and implement my own marketing and brand, create opportunities for business, networking and of course manage and engage on social media. No further training required there! But I can learn new things and I do :)

Having the design and business coaching career I've had and have will simply propel me further into the field of Interior Design. I will be establishing an Interior Design business within the coming 6 months to cater for my new clients in the property market. Having the business acumen and social media savvy will be a bonus to helping me set up and get the plans and business started up correctly. And I am so PUMPED & READY!

So WHY Interior Design?

Holy Moley me at about 15/16 years old modelling (not very well I might add LOL) Gotta laugh and be inspired by the creation of opportunities that ensued from this!

There's me on the right and left scuba diving and modeling for a travel brochure on Pohnpei, Micronesia! Crazy stuff I know... but this was just the beginning... I went on to Sri Lanka and South America!

Our new bathroom 2014

Our new bathroom 2014

Stepping up to Interior Design feels so right, so natural and certainly RINGS MY BELL! It will benefit our family and life personally during our own property renovations and improvements (see below) and professionally contributing to our income and future in property investing which has always been something I have aimed for and now I feel it's another step closer!

Bathroom Layout Design created in Illustrator

Our Humble abode... I'm completely obsessed! It's humble, but it's ours!

It will allow me use my design and natural creativity but in a refreshingly new way!

It will allow me to continue to do what I do with Inspiring Mums®, in fact it will create so many more opportunities for business and networking with mums, it's a no brainer!

I will learn different skills.

I will be able to help home owners and investors to create their "Sacred Spaces" taking that image from their mind and turning it into something simply spectacular!

It will turn my OBSESSION into CREATION!

It will turn my PASSION" into REALITY!

It will CREATE the life we truly WANT!

It will turn the constant images in my head into real life, tangible elements for not only us but for others. So this fulfils my need to help others the best way I know how, simply through design!

I'm so excited that I'm able to use the 15+ years in design and my knowledge of art and aesthetics to come together to create an inspiring business for Interior Design! Simply by making a decision that is based on what I want and envisage for our life as a family and business owners. I am so so grateful for the support of my husband Danny, who simply said "If that's what you want to do then, ok, do it!"  

The "SIGN"...

By all accounts, I know in my heart and head that I was waiting  for a SIGN of some description. One of the reasons I am sharing this blog with you is the process in which it has taken place and come to reality. This is my vain attempt at helping you redesign your life I what you are doing isn't RINGING YOUR BELLS! You only have one life, don't waste it on doing what makes you unhappy. Sometimes it means taking a risk or to. Trust me, they are more scary at the start than actually after the decision! 

So I was on Facebook and came across this post by my friend and unofficial business mentor Jen Appreneur. It was about The BLOCK and how we are all missing the show and the devastating outcome for the Blockheads. We are BLOCK-A-HOLICS and can't wait for the next season to start! We are also all very eager to sign up for the next auditions! Many already have by reading the posts. But this was my sign. It may not look like much at all to you, but it was like the push I needed to stop Flip-Flapping about with a decision I wanted to make about my future career and what makes me happiest. I like coaching and I can certainly continue where it works for me with that, and I'm good at it, but the bells aren't ringing for me and I am not going back to Graphic Design, I only do this for myself and very good friends and family if I want to.

The weirdest thing was that the night before this post, I couldn't sleep, I was up late til at least 12am with my puppy Roxy curled up next to me while I trawled the internet on my iPad, in the middle of a few games of Words With Friends... :) I had actually completed a search for Interior Design courses and sent an online enquiry. Then in the morning I see this post and I simply thought... THAT'S IT!


I always do my research, read reviews, make calls, talk to people, so after several phone calls and enquires I finally found what works for me, a Diploma in Interior Design which I can start today and complete within 24 weeks. Now, this doesn't sound like long, but it's long enough for me.

I wanted something that will work within the school hours, where I have flexibility to complete the assignments.

I wanted a course that I can complete, start a business by the end of and start work by the time my son goes to 4 year kinder, I will be ready to go and earn some cash to contribute more to the family income!

I wanted something online. While I did call campus's, I found it wasn't going to work for my lifestyle. They were also much more expensive and further away than I can justify. 

I wanted something that will have a payment plan, that is affordable and easily accessible.

I wanted something that is supported and created by a group of industry experts. Not just one person claiming to know a thing or two about Interior Design.

I wanted a Diploma in Interior Design, not a certificate. 

I wanted something thorough and that has the "secrets" of the industry included.

I wanted a supportive online community of students to collaborate and connect with.

I wanted something that created an inspiring lifestyle for our family but also something visually inspiring.

And I found it at The Interior Design Institute. I may continue my education into Landscape Design and other areas to broaden my skill set and knowledge but for now this meets my needs and rings my bells!

The decision was made after my husband called and we had a discussion about it. He doesn't always call home, but today he did and the right timing too, as I was about to sign up and he called just as I was about to pay.

Confirming to me and giving me that added sign this is IT! Decision made and actioned!

Getting Started Blog.png

What now?

Now I focus on study!

No coaching for at least 9 months.

Tidy up any lose ends with coaching and clients.

Be excited and inspired for the future!

Share my experience with you here! That's right, Inspiring Mums will remain as is aside from the coaching. I want you on this journey with me because I know the experience will help you in your journey, career, motherhood and even time management!

Thank you for being on this exciting journey and career change with me, of course I'm nervous but I am excited and already looking for opportunities and doors to open! Knock Knock Knock!

The key to all of this....



x Heather