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Inspiring Mums® Is A Motherhood And Lifestyle Blog, With A Passionate Focus On Helping You Create A Positive Mindset And Rewarding Behaviours For An Inspired Life As A Woman And Mother! 

You don't have to be inspiring, leave that to me! PS: I'm a Mum too :) I GET YOU!

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Inspiring Mums® is a motherhood and lifestyle blog, with a Passionate focus on helping You create a positive mindset and rewarding behaviours for an inspired life as a Woman and Mother!
I'm a Mum too and I GET YOU!

We talk about all sorts of life topics from motherhood, babies, toddlers, parenting, money, renovating, wellbeing, beauty, style, grief... you name it I'll write about it :).

It's all encompassing here, if it happens in my life, you bet I'm going to share it with you. I'm an open book, much to the dismay of my Hubby I'm sure!

Sharing creative and silly times with the kids, playing with my beagle Roxy, chilling out with Hubby and my family, running a business, studying, shopping, cooking and cleaning, oh and having fun of course! 

Yes, this blog is about being a Mum, but we are all women first and foremost, so I aim to inspire you simply by being creative, innovative, fun, quirky, excited, adventurous, relaxed and educated in life and what it has to offer so you can make the most of it!  

You might be a stay-at-home-mum, a blogger, a business woman, mum who studies, a career mum, a mum looking to return to work or a mum-to-be... YAY! Or maybe you are a mum lost in this crazy modern world of choices and decisions to make! I'm here for YOU and I've been there too!

I hope to watch you grow, learn, be inspired and have fun with me on this crazy-ass journey called Motherhood! 

Now, GO and read the blogs (pretty please :D ), get inspired and connect with me! 

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Cook It! Real Meals in Real Time!

I love to COOK! I am ok at it, but I do like it to be done as quickly and as stress free as possible! I have very fussy eaters at the IM Mothership so I get inventive and I also experiment on my family with different recipes *insert evil laugh*. Sometimes I burn things, sometimes I totally rock a meal and everyone loves it (few and far between!) 

This is my way of sharing what recipes and meals work in a real family. I like to share my meal planning ideas, along with shopping and how to save some money on your weekly shopping. Nothings fool-proof but I hope you like what I have in these blog recipes. Let's make beautiful food together ;)

Style It! Interior Design...

While I complete my Diploma of Interior Design course, until early 2015, I will be updating this blog with various blogs on interior design, sometimes sharing my HOUZZ Ideabooks with you and sharing some of my own projects. The new website for Inspiring Interior Design is now live! 

We're Pinning on Interior Design...

GO! Inspiring Events...

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Howdy Mummabear!

Phew! I'm so glad you finally found me, how you doin today? Good I hope :) I'm Heather and this is our blog and we will Smile & Shine® in Motherhood & Life together, it'll be fun I promise ;) YOU are now on the GO TRAIN"Toot Toot!"  Enjoy the ride! xox Heather

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